Device and method for processing document


PURPOSE: To execute a document processing at once by permitting a password inputted at the time of recognizing justness to correspond to respective document elements, judging justness and switching the processing content of the document element at that time by means of the judged result. CONSTITUTION: At the time of storing a document consisting of the document elements inputted by a keyboard 1 in a memory 20, the password is set for the document element and a code for justness recognition is generated based on the content of the document element corresponding to the password so as to make them correspond. At the time of recognition, a code for justness comparison is generated from the inputted password and the stored document element. Then, the code is compared with the corresponding codes for justness recognition of the respective document elements. The processing content of the noticed document element is switched based on the compared result. They are displayed, for instance so that they cna be discriminated when the compared result agrees and when it does not agree. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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