Polishing device and method


PURPOSE: To prevent the reduction in a polishing efficiency on the way of polishing and to realize the polishing of high accuracy, by providing the injection means of an abrasive which injects the abrasive toward a fiber wool so as to raise the fiber wool of the surface of a polishing cloth, between adjacent top rings. CONSTITUTION: A work 12 of a wafer, etc., sticked to a polishing plate 14 is held so as to rotate at a certain position while pressing it by a top ring 16 to a surface plate 11 to which a polishing cloth 18 is sticked and is polished by rotating the surface plate 11 in a certain direction. In this case, an abrasive is injected toward the fiber wool of the polishing cloth 18 of immediately before polishing of a wafer 12 by the injection means 22 provided between adjacent top rings 16 to raise the fiber wool of the polishing cloth 18. The fiber wool can thus be raised, the abrasive is smoothly diffused among the fiber wools and a suitable polishing can be performed. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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