Pneumatic tyre for high speed excellent in cornering performance


PURPOSE: To reinforce the rigidity of a side part favorably and improve the cornering performance of a pneumatic tyre for high speed by arranging a side part reinforcing means which can form a fixed area for a bead core and a belt in a side wall part. CONSTITUTION: In a tyre, a bead core 5 is buried inside of a bead part 1. A carcass 6 composed of the cord reinforced layer with at least one ply is extended from the bead part 1 toward a side wall part 2 and a tread part 3. Further, a belt 7 composed of plural cord reinforced layers is buried inside of the tread part 3. In this case, a side part reinforcing means 9 forming a fixed area for the bead core 5 and belt 7 is arranged in the side wall part 2. In the side part reinforcing means9, a more number of layer arrangement including the cord reinforced layer of the carcass 6 in the area from the bead core 5 to the part overlapping the belt 7 are distributed outside the bead core 5. COPYRIGHT: (C)1990,JPO&Japio




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