Joint device and joint method of umbrella rib and umbrella cloth



【課題】傘骨と傘布との組立てが簡単であり、傘布の長寿命化及び傘の製造効率の向上を図ることができる、傘骨と傘布の接合装置及び接合方法を提供する。 【解決手段】接合装置は、隣り合わせた対向した一対の連結部材11、11を有し、各連結部材11は、傘布生地200に連結された軸線Lに沿う方向である軸線方向に延伸された第1の側縁部111と、第1の側縁部111と軸線方向と直交する方向である直角方向の間隔をおいて軸線方向に沿って延伸された第2の側縁部112と、第1の側縁部111から突き出てヒンジ部材120を被覆するように第2の側縁部112に向かって延伸された中間部113と、を有し、対向した連結部材11、11における第2の側縁部112側が、ヒンジ部材120を取り囲むように接着される。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a joint device and a joint method of an umbrella rib and an umbrella cloth, which simplify assembly of umbrella ribs and umbrella cloth and which can attain longevity of an umbrella cloth and improvement of umbrella productivity.SOLUTION: The joint device is provided with an adjacently opposing pair of connection members 11, 11. Each connection member 11 includes: a first side edge part 111 extended in the axis line direction which is the direction along the axis line L connected to the umbrella cloth fabric 200; a second side edge part 112 extended along the axis line direction with a space apart in the orthogonal angle direction which is the direction orthogonal to the first side edge part 111 and the axis line direction; and an intermediate part 113 extended toward the second side edge part 112 in a manner protruded from the first side edge part 111 and covering a hinge member 120. The second side edge part 112 in the opposing connection members 11, 11 is bonded so as to surround the hinge member 120.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1




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