【課題】地山及び擁壁を十分に補強する。 【解決手段】擁壁の構築工法は、段構造体51を複数段に積層することによって地山の補強対象面(例えば傾斜面3)に沿って擁壁50を構築する工法である。各段の段構造体51は、ハニカム状に配列され且つ互いに一体化された可撓性の複数のセル構造体1からなるセル集合体2と、セル集合体2の各セル構造体1内に充填された中詰材8と、を有する。この工法は、地山に棒状の地山補強材100を埋設することによって地山を補強する工程と、地山補強材100が擁壁に連結されるように擁壁50を構築する工程と、を含む。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To satisfactory reinforce the ground and retaining wall.SOLUTION: The construction method of retaining wall is a method to construct a retaining wall 50 along a plane to be reinforced of the ground (for example, an inclined plane 3) by piling a step structure 51 in plural steps. The step structure 51 of the respective steps includes: a cell assembly 2 of plural flexible cell structures 1 which are arranged in a honeycomb shape and integrated with each other; and a filling material 8 which is filled in the respective cell structures 1 of the cell assembly 2. The construction method includes the steps of: reinforcing the ground by embedding a rod-like ground reinforcement member 100 in the ground; and constructing the retaining wall 50 so that the ground reinforcement member 100 is connected to the retaining wall.




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