Replaceable type vehicle



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a replaceable type vehicle in which a plurality of vehicle bodies are replaceable for the same vehicle body structure, which can absorb heat expansion of the vehicle body such as a resin panel, and suppress deformation to the minimum level.SOLUTION: In a replaceable type vehicle 10, a division line which divides a member 24 constituting a fender of the vehicle and a member 27 constituting a bumper is formed so that one of a vehicle end side and a vehicle inner side is higher than the other when the vehicle is viewed from the side surface, and a hole for mounting the member 24 constituting the fender of the vehicle to a vehicle body structure has a long hole shape in the cross direction of the vehicle.
【課題】同一の車体構造に複数の車体を着せ替え可能な着せ替え式車両において、樹脂パネル等の車体の熱膨張を吸収し、変形を最小限に抑制し得る着せ替え車両を提供する。 【解決手段】着せ替え車両10は、車両のフェンダを構成する部材24と、バンパを構成する部材27とを分ける割線が、車両を側面から見て車両端側と車両内側とのいずれか一方が他方より高い位置になるように形成されており、車体構造体に、車両のフェンダを構成する部材24を組み付けるための孔は、車両の前後方向に長孔形状となっている。 【選択図】図1




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