Puncture tool



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a puncture tool capable of accommodating an inner needle in an inner needle hub and the like by a pulling operation of the inner needle, blocking a through hole, in which the inner needle is inserted, without using a restoring force of a needle clamp member, and preventing the inner needle from protruding outside.SOLUTION: A puncture tool comprises: an outer cylinder 6 attached inside of an inner needle hub 41 so as to advance and retreat freely; and an inner cylinder 7 attached inside of the outer cylinder 6 so as to advance and retreat freely and having a through hole 73 to which an inner needle 3 is inserted. Furthermore, the inner cylinder has through-hole block means (a space part 75, a block body 74) for moving at least a part of the through hole from a position where the inner needle 3 is inserted to a position where the inner needle 3 is not inserted, and blocking a communication state of the through hole 73. By the through-hole block means, the insertion of the inner needle 73 is blocked.
【課題】内針の引抜き操作によって、内針を内針ハブ等に収容することができ、さらに針止部材の復元力を用いることなく、内針が挿通する貫通孔を遮断し、内針の外部への突出を防止できる穿刺具を提供する。 【解決手段】内針ハブ41の内部に進退自在に取り付けられる外筒6と、前記外筒6の内部に進退自在に取付けられた、内針3が挿通する貫通孔73を有する内筒7とを備え、更に、前記内筒は、前記貫通孔の少なくとも一部を、内針3が挿通する状態における位置から、内針3が挿通しない位置に移動させ、前記貫通孔73の連通状態を遮断する貫通孔遮断手段(空間部75、ブロック体74)を備え、前記貫通孔遮断手段によって、前記内針73の挿通が遮断される。 【選択図】図4




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