Positive electrode active material for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and its manufacturing method, and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery using positive electrode active material



【課題】工業的生産工程において安定的に製造でき、初期放電容量が高くかつ低抵抗な非水系電解質二次電池用正極活物質を提供する。 【解決手段】NiCoMn化合物を、溶媒中で平均粒径が0.1〜1μmとなるまで粉砕混合し、スラリーを噴霧乾燥し、平均粒径が2〜6μmである、NiCoMn化合物の混合原料を得て、300〜800℃で熱処理し、Li化合物と混合・焼成して、LiNiCoMn複合酸化物を得て、水洗・真空乾燥して、一般式:Li w Ni x Co y Mn z O 2 (ただし、0.95≦w≦1.30、x=z、x+y+z=1、0.3≦x≦0.45、0.1≦y≦0.4、0.3≦z≦0.45)で表され、3aサイトのLi以外の金属イオンの占有率が5%以下、3bサイトのNiCoMn以外の金属イオンの占有率が10%以下、平均粒径が2〜6μmである、層状構造の六方晶系LiNiCoMn複合酸化物を得る。 【選択図】なし
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a positive electrode active material for a nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery, which can be manufactured in an industrial production process stably and which has a high initial discharge capacity and a low resistance.SOLUTION: A method of manufacturing a positive electrode active material includes the steps of: crushing NiCoMn compound in a solvent while mixing until the average particle diameter becomes 0.1 to 1 μm; spray-drying a slurry resulting from the preceding step to obtain a mixture raw material of NiCoMn compound having an average particle diameter of 2-6 μm; performing a heat treatment on the mixture raw material at a temperature of 300-800°C; mixing the resultant mixture raw material with Li compound, followed by baking to obtain LiNiCoMn composite oxide; and rinsing with water and vacuum-drying the LiNiCoMn composite oxide. Thus, LiNiCoMn composite oxide of hexagonal system, having a layer structure and represented by a general formula of LiNiCoMnO(where 0.95≤w≤1.30, x=z, x+y+z=1, 0.3≤x≤0.45, 0.1≤y≤0.4 and 0.3≤z≤0.45), can be obtained. As for the LiNiCoMn composite oxide, an occupancy rate of metal ions other than Li at the 3a site is 5% or smaller, and an occupancy rate of metal ions other than NiCoMn at the 3b site is 10% or smaller, and the average particle diameter is 2-6 μm.




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